What Are Some Jobs That Use Algebra?

Slobodan Vasic/E+/Getty Images

Jobs that use algebra include those in the business sector, fitness industry, architects, medical professionals, chefs and teachers. Algebra requires the utilization of fixed numbers, variables and numbers that multiply variables to calculate items. These components are used in equations, which show relationships between numbers.

Banking positions frequently require the use of algebra. These include lenders and financial planners who calculate items such as interest rates and profit margins. Fitness professionals use formulas to calculate various aspects of a client’s health. This may include body fat percentage and the ratio of diet to exercise needed to maintain optimum health. Architects rely on algebra to design buildings. It is needed to convert items to scale so that the structures designed have the correct proportions. Civil engineers make use of algebra when they design important parts of infrastructure, such as roads, bridges and tunnels. In medicine, algebra is required for calculations involved in cardiac output, oxygen levels and blood volume. Algebraic formulas may also be used to determine the appropriate amount of medicine. Chefs use algebra to determine the quantity of ingredients in a dish and to adjust for that quantity in order to make the servings greater or fewer. Finally, algebra is necessary for educators that wish to teach math.