What Is the James Robison Fraud Controversy?

James Robison’s non-profit organization, LIFE Outreach International, has problems with proper financial oversight and management, according to Give.org. This has led some people to accuse him of mismanagement, but as of 2015, these accusations have not been proven.

As of 2015, LIFE Outreach International does not meet Give.org’s standards. Give.org cites organizational issues, including a lack of oversight of James Robison, who serves as the CEO. Too many of the board members are compensated directly, which has the potential for conflict of interest and misuse of funds. There is also no board-approved budget or report about the effectiveness of the programs, and the annual report does not list all the necessary financial information, such as the organization’s net assets. The organization also has a low rating on Charity Navigator, a similar charity rating website.

This alleged lack of oversight and transparency has caused some people to believe that funds are being misused. However, LIFE Outreach International reports that it undergoes extensive auditing processes. It is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and reports that it meets all the standards required by that organization. LIFE Outreach International says that it makes its annual reports and financial statements available to the public on its website, and it says that it is willing to share copies of the audits with people who request them.