What Are Some Italian Party Games?

One Italian party game is a game of chance where the host takes 100 wine corks and marks five corks with a red marker. The corks are mixed in a basket and each guest picks one. The guests who pick the five corks each win a bottle of Italian wine.

Another Italian party game is a trivia test where guests fill out a questionnaire that tests their knowledge of Italian food and wine. Questions can be multiple-choice and as complicated or easy as the host desires. The person or people who correctly answer the most questions wins an Italian cookbook.

The party host can also create a memory challenge game using pasta of various shapes. The host places the pasta in a cutlery box and allows the guests a few seconds to memorize which shapes are arranged in which sections of the box. Using an empty cutlery box, the guest must replicate the original arrangement. Each winner gets a box of artisanal pasta and a jar of organic sauce.

Another game is a grown-up version of pin the tail on the donkey. The host hangs a map of Italy on the wall and makes multiple copies of the heel of the country. The guests are blindfolded and spun around, and then they must stick the heel on the right part of Italy’s boot-shaped country.