What Are Some Italian Birthday Wishes?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Mar 26, 2020 3:17:13 AM ET
uccia_photography/Moment Open/Getty Images

Some birthday wishes in Italian include, "Tanti auguri!", "Buon Compleanno!" and "Cento di questo giorni!" Other options are, "Auguroni!", "Possano tutti i tuoi desideri avverarsi in questo giorno!" and "Ti auguro un felice compleanno!"

"Tanti auguri," which literally means "many good wishes," is commonly used to mean "happy birthday." "Buon compleanno" also translates as "happy birthday." "Cento di questo giorni" literally means "a hundred days like this," meaning "I hope you have a hundred more birthdays." "Auguroni" means "big wishes" or "best wishes." "Possano tutti i tuoi desideri avverarsi in questo giorno" means "May all your wishes come true on this day." "Ti auguro un felice compleanno" means "I wish you a happy birthday."