What Are Some Iron-Rich Breakfast Cereals?

Some iron-rich breakfast cereals include Kelogg’s brand Complete Oat Bran Flakes, which contains 63 milligrams of iron, and General Mills brand Multi-Grain Cheerios, which contains 62 milligrams of iron. Other cereals are General Mills brand Total Corn Flakes, which has 60 milligrams of iron, and Malt-o-Meal brand High Fiber Bran Flakes, which has 35 milligrams of iron.

Iron provides the body with a variety of benefits, and an iron deficiency can take a physical toll on the individual. Low iron levels can lead to anemia, while severe iron deficiencies may lead to skin ailments, such as brittleness in bones and nails. Iron deficiency may also lead to restless leg syndrome. Iron supplements can restore iron levels in the body to desired levels more quickly, but a regular diet rich in iron helps maintain those levels.

A major benefit of adequate iron consumption is proper hemoglobin formation, which helps the body perform its metabolic functions and improves muscle performance. Iron is also involved in developing the brain, and high levels of iron directly result in better brain health. Because of its function in the blood, iron helps improve the function of the immune system as well, and those who suffer from a deficiency may become more vulnerable to different diseases.