How Do You Find the IP Address for Your Minecraft Server?

The Internet Protocol address of a Minecraft multiplayer server depends on whether the server is being hosted on a internal or external network. With the former, the IP address is identical to the computer’s. Find this by using the Windows “ipconfig” command, under the Mac “Network” tab or via the Linux “ifconfig” command. Locate the IP address for an external network server from a website such as “What Is My IP.”

Joining a multiplayer Minecraft game differs for internal and external network server hosting. When joining an internal network game, the software automatically populates any hosted games automatically detected on the local-area network.

Conversely, joining a multiplayer game on an external network, more common referred to as hosting over the Internet or playing on an online server, requires entering the external IP address of the server-hosting computer. Successfully entering this creates a network connection.

Minecraft also offers the Realms server hosting service to players for a nominal monthly fee. It allows up to 10 users to connect to the same world without any user computer being slowed down by the processing-intensive task of hosting. The service uses a client program to manage and connect users with the worlds the game is played in.