Where Do You Find Your IP Address?

The simplest way to determine a computer’s IP address is to use a website such as What Is My IP Address that retrieves your IP address and displays it for you. There are also various manual methods to determine a computer’s IP address.

On a computer running a Windows operating system, press the start button, and select Run. Type “ipconfig” in the dialog box that appears. The computer’s IP address then displays along with other network information.

On a computer running a Mac operating system, the IP address can be found by selecting the System Preferences drop-down menu from within the main Apple menu and selecting the Network Preference pane. The IP address then displays underneath the network status.

The term IP address is a shortened version of the term Internet protocol address. An IP address is a unique numerical identifier that ensures that data being sent to and from a computer is properly routed. IP addresses are assigned by Internet service providers. An IP address also reveals a computer’s geographic location. IP addresses are either static, meaning that they never change, or dynamic, meaning that they change with each Internet connection. No two locations share the same IP address.