Who Invented Push-Ups?

Brooke Pifer/Stone/Getty Images

The inventor of the modern push-up, according to SOPHIA-FIT, was Jerick Revilla, who came up with the exercise technique in 1905. The Roman emperor Constantine has also been credited with creating this form of exercise.

New Health Guide states that push-ups can be practiced in one of a variety of variations or styles, and therefore can be adapted to various abilities and levels of skill. For example, besides the standard push-up, exercisers can practice push-up techniques like the plank push-up, the one-arm push-up, the one-leg push-up, incline and decline push-ups, the knuckle push-up and the staggered push-up routine. Wide push-ups are harder to do than the standard kind as a person uses less leverage to push himself up. Diamond push-ups, another variation, primarily target the triceps in the upper arms.

According to SOPHIA-FIT, a site hosted by stunt woman and exercise guru Sophia Crawford, the push-up is an exercise that is designed to work the muscles in the upper body simultaneously. Therefore, the push-up works the biceps, triceps and chest, and targets the abs and back.