Who Invented the First Supercomputer?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Seymour Cray developed the first transistorized supercomputer for the Control Data Corporation in 1958. He introduced the CDC 6600, the first supercomputer to use functional parallelism, in 1964.

Seymour Cray established Cray Research in 1972 with the aim of creating the most powerful and practical computers available. The company introduced several technologies Cray invented that became central to supercomputing, including immersion cooling and vector register technologies, with the development of the CRAY-1 in 1976 and the CRAY-2 in 1985. Supercomputers tend to cost billions of dollars, but they can process mathematical problems ordinary systems can’t handle. Users have employed them to improve transport safety, to forecast hazardous weather and to simulate the capabilities of nuclear weapons.