What Are Some Interview Questions to Ask Football Players and Coaches?

Questions that football players recruited for a team typically ask a coach center on the athletic evaluation of the player, academics and scholarship opportunities at the school and how the recruiting process works. Coaches questioning football players whom they hope to recruit typically ask them about who is helping the player make the final college decision and what the player is looking for in a college.

A football player who is being recruited by a college should ask where he fits in the coach’s recruiting plans and whether any other players in his class or position have already been recruited by the team. In addition, he should ask about the college’s overall recruiting plans and timeline, what the training program is like, what scholarships are available and how he has been evaluated by the coach’s staff. The football player should also insist on visiting the school.

A coach interviewing a football player should ask what the player is looking for in a school and in a football program. Specifics include what kind of playing time the player wants, whether the college provides the fan base and location the player is seeking and what kind of academic programs interest the player. The coach should also ask the player about his high school football program and coach.