What Is an Interpretation of “She Was a Phantom of Delight”?

According to Bachelor and Master, “She Was a Phantom of Delight” is a poem by Williams Wordsworth that describes his reaction to his wife when they first met, as they started to get to know each other and then after they got married. The poem uses metaphors to describe his wife to the reader.

At the beginning of the poem, Wordsworth describes his future wife as almost like an illusion, something that is impossible to obtain. This is why he describes her eyes as being like the evening stars and her hair as dark as the dusk. These are things that are not obtainable but are mysterious to behold.

As Wordsworth gets to know this woman, he realizes that she is not a mysterious thing but a spirit. This is Wordsworth’s way of describing her as an ordinary woman who has all of the human qualities that he desired in a woman. She was no longer mysterious to him; she was everything for which he had been looking.

After they finally get married in the poem, Wordsworth describes her again but this time as a hard worker who wants to please her husband. He notes that she is not an extraordinary person and possesses all of the human qualities that he wanted, just not to an extreme degree. However, she has proven herself as a key component to his life, a machine that works with him efficiently. He now understands that she is capable of guiding him.