Why Does the Internet Keep Freezing on My PC?

There are many reasons why an Internet connection may continually freeze. First, check the Internet connection by unplugging the router for 30 seconds to reset it. Before trying to connect to the Internet again, restart the computer. If the problem is not resolved, there are several other things to try.

It is possible that a virus or malware is making the computer run slow. Start the computer in Safe Mode and run a scan to find any problems. If a recent change to the computer is the suspected cause of the Internet freezing, start the computer in Safe Mode again and select “System Restore” to delete recent changes.

Another thing to try is a system restore. From the startup menu, find the “Advanced Boot Options” feature and select “System Restore.” Other ways to fix an Internet connection that freezes up frequently include resetting the operating system, clearing the cache and removing any unnecessary add-ons.

Although a problem with the computer is a common cause of the Internet freezing up, the Internet service provider might be having problems or a specific website might be experiencing a high amount of traffic. Always contact the site administrator or the Internet service provider to check for known problems before making adjustments to the computer.