What Is Internet Communication?

Internet communication refers to the number of different ways people can communicate over the World Wide Web. It includes chat rooms, email, instant messaging, forums, social networking sites and voice over IP programs.

The World Wide Web, or the Internet, is a series of connected networks that connect computers across the world together. This network allows different kinds of communication methods. Voice over IP, or VoIP, refers to programs like Skype that allow people to communicate using audio and video over the Internet. Social media sites like Facebook are another example of Internet communication. These sites allow people to post messages and then respond to the messages over others in a long network from one computer to another. Internet forums also facilitate communication by letting someone create a thread, which others then respond to in a long chain. Many websites such as blogs also allow people to post comments to communicate that way. Chat rooms are among some of the oldest examples of communication on the Internet along with forums. Even before graphic user interfaces, such as AOL, it was possible to communicate over the Internet in text form only when the Internet was mostly a collection of connected college and government computers.