What Is International Cuisine?

International cuisine refers to the foods that are common in certain countries. For instance, bulkoki is a traditional Korean beef dish. Bulkoki would be considered international cuisine in Italy, where dishes like angel hair pasta with feta cheese, tomatoes and biscotti are common.

Some of the most popular international cuisines include masala dosa, seafood paella and som tam. Masala dosa is an Indian dish and is a crepe made from rice flour. The crepe is filled with spicy mashed potatoes and dipped in coconut chutney, pickles or a tomato-based sauce. Seafood paella comes from Spain and is a mixture of seafood such as shrimp, cuttlefish and lobster combined with rice and herbs. Som Tam is the most popular salad in Thailand and consists of green beans and green papaya flavored with ingredients such as fish sauce, peanuts, lime and dried shrimp.