What Is Intergovernmental Relations?

Intergovernmental Relations is a department in a city or other particular area that is accountable for coordinating and monitoring activities with the state, federal and other local governments, and public agencies. It also plays the role of developing legislative plans confirmed by the city council and coordinating legislative activities with other entities.

The main important goal of the Intergovernmental Relations is to create a connection between the governments and the local authorities. The department keeps the mayor acquainted on all the relevant intergovernmental issues and helps him or her to express the city’s interests in these activities. In addition, the department serves as a link between the administration and the city council.

The Intergovernmental Relations department coordinates with other city departments to review different legislative actions and their impacts to the city. They also assess the benefits that the city will reap from all regulatory initiatives. The department plays a crucial role of identifying and completing agreements with public agencies and political organizations to provide better and quality services to the people of the city. They analyze all current agreements to assess their potential fiscal impact to the city. The department is also responsible for negotiating fair and reasonable agreements in a professional and timely manner.