What Are Some Interesting Walking Team Names?

Some interesting walking team names are: “The Walkie Talkies,” “Holy Walkamolies,” “Coast Busters,” “Blister Sisters” and “Walking Warriors.” These names are meant to inspire and bring walking teams together.

“The Walkie Talkies” name is a pun based on walking and the Walkie Talkie mobile devices. “Holy Walkamolies” is a pun based on the expression “Holy Guacamole.” “Coast Busters” is meant to inspire walking teams to travel throughout entire coasts. “Blister Sisters” helps to encourage camaraderie and teamwork through pain and blisters.

Some other interesting walking team names are: “Soleful Strutters,” “Pink Ribbon Racers,” “Team Hope,” Walk the Walk” and “Team Tenderfoots.” Other good team names are: “Too Inspired to Be Tired,” “Walking Wounded,” “Glucose Patrol,” “Take a Hike” and “Another Bad Idea.” “Team Hope” and “Too Inspired to Be Tired” help to motivate less fit participants. “Soleful Strutters,” “Team Tenderfoots,” “Walking Wounded” and “Walk the Walk” make use of catchy alliterations.

Other clever walking names are: “Happy Feet,” “Luke Skywalkers,” “Sole Survivors,” “River City Ramblers” and “Sugar Shakers.” A few more interesting names are: “Mountain Rangers,” “Sole Mates,” “Making Strides,” “School of Walk” and “Lost in Pace.” Most of these names continue on with the trend of using alliterations or puns to inspire and motivate.