What Are Some Interesting Facts About the Number Six?

seeminglee/CC-BY 2.0

The number six is the smallest perfect number. That means that it is the first number where the sum of its factors equals the number. The factors of the number six are one, two and three. The sum of one, two and three is six. The product of one two and three is also six.

Six is the first congruent number, which means it is an integer that is the area of a right triangle where all the sides are rational numbers. Three, four and five are lengths of a right triangle. The area of a triangle is one-half base times height, which is three times four, which equals 12, and 12 divided by two is six. The product of any three consecutive numbers is evenly divisible by six. Six is also a triangular number, meaning that six objects can be arranged into an equilateral triangle.

Six is the fewest number of colors necessary to color a map on a mobius strip without the colors touching. In addition, six circles, placed touching each other on a circle, all touch the circumference of a circle between them without overlapping. Six is also the highest number on a standard six-sided die, the most common type of die.