What Instruments Are Used in Rock Music?

The most common instruments used in rock music are the electric guitar, the electric bass and the drums. Other instruments used include acoustic guitars, pianos and saxophones.

The earliest rock music in the 1940s featured common brass instruments as the lead musical force, following the natural progression from jazz and big band music that was popular at the time. By the 1950’s, the guitar had become the main focus. Rock bands are comprised of a basic set of electric instruments that account for rhythm and melody. Many bands feature two electric guitars, a lead guitar and a rhythm guitar.

Percussion is an integral part of the rock music aesthetic, as is drives the pace of the song and provides a unique intensity. While many rock bands feature a standard drum kit, it is also possible to use a drum machine or computer program to simulate the drum sounds.

The bass, whether electric or acoustic, is another staple of rock bands, but it is not a necessity. Many bands, such as the White Stripes, do not feature any bass guitar. Piano is another common instrument that is not necessarily a requirement. Some rock bands also feature classical instruments, such as violins and flutes.