What Are the Instructions for the Shark Steam Cleaner?

To use the Shark steam cleaner, fill the water tank using the filling flask up to the mark provided, and attach the appropriate attachment to the nozzle of the steam bottle. Allow the bottle to heat up, and press the trigger to apply steam on the surface to be cleaned. Finally, clean the surface by wiping it with a clean cloth.

To use the Shark steam cleaner, first detach the steam bottle. Hold the cap of the water tank, rotate it counterclockwise, and unscrew it till it detaches from the tank.

Fill the provided filling flask with distilled water, and transfer the water from it to the water tank. Fill the water only up to the mark given on the tank. Replace the tank’s cap in the steam bottle by screwing it in the clockwise direction.

Attach a suitable attachment for cleaning to the nozzle of the steam bottle. To do this, align the attachment’s arrow with the Unlock sign present on the bottle. Push the attachment in place, and twist it in the clockwise direction to affix it to the nozzle.

Provide power supply to the steam bottle. A blue-colored light should light up on the bottle indicating that it is being heated. Allow the bottle to heat up for about 45 seconds, press the steam trigger, hold it in that position, and see if the attachment emits steam.

When this happens, position the attachment and the nozzle close to the surface that needs cleaning, and press the steam trigger. Apply steam uniformly over the surface by moving the bottle. When sufficient steam is dispensed, let go of the trigger, and wipe the item with a soft cloth.