What Are Instructions for Setting the Clock on an Oster Microwave?

Pushing the Clock button before using the Menu Select/Time Adjust button to choose the hour and minute completes the process of setting the clock on the Oster OMW991 microwave. The instructions may differ slightly on other Oster models, so users must check the owner’s manual to get exact directions.

Users must push the Clock/Wei.Adj. button on the Oster OMW 991 control panel for three seconds. The clock indicator starts to flicker on the control panel. After it starts flickering, they must turn the Menu Select/Time Adjust button until reaching the desired hour of the day. The next step is to press the Clock/Wei.Adj. button to set the hour. Then, when the minutes start blinking, the Menu Select/Time Adjust button should be pushed until the desired minutes is reached. The Clock/Wei.Adj. button should then be pushed one more time to confirm the minutes. If the model differentiates between a.m. and p.m., users must follow the instructions carefully to ensure the time is set properly.

After the clock is set, it is possible to use other time-based functions on the microwave. This includes putting food in the oven and programming the oven to turn on at a later time. Timed cooking and the use of the kitchen timer are generally available without programming the clock on the control panel.