What Are the Instructions for the HTH Pool Test Kit?

The instructions for the HTH pool test kit are to test and balance daily for pH and free available chlorine, test weekly for total alkalinity calcium hardness and twice a month for cyanuric acid. Sanitize your pool with chlorine-based sanitizer, shock your pool and prevent algae by adding algaecide weekly. Using this regiment to care for your pool is an ongoing process and requires a test kit or testing strips, sanitizers, chlorine and algaecide.

  1. Test and balance pH levels

    Use the HTH pool test kit to identify the levels of pH, free available chlorine, total alkalinity calcium hardness and cyanuric acid. Balance the water in your pool according to the levels indicated on the test strips. Adjust the alkalinity levels in your pool before adjusting the pH.

  2. Sanitize your pool

    Use chlorine-based sanitizers to clean your pool. You can choose either stabilized or unstabilized chlorine. If you opt for unstabilized chlorine, which does not cause overstabilization in your pool, you need to pair it with a conditioning product.

  3. Shock your pool

    Give your pool an extra does of chlorine once a week after a lot of rain or after a heavy swimmer load. Sundown is the best time for shocking your pool.

  4. Add algaecide to your pool

    Help prevent the growth of algae in your pool by adding algaecide to the water each week. This prevents your pool from developing surface slime and an unappealing odor.