What Are the Instructions for the Bedol Clock?

The instructions for the Bedol water clock are to fill both the clock’s chambers with tap water so that the level is between the minimum and maximum lines, and set the time using the mode and set buttons on the front. The mode button also allows switching from setting time to setting the alarm. The clock converts the ions in the water to energy for its operation, and it does not require batteries or electricity.

The Bedol clock operates on either military or standard time and has a single alarm. It does not include a snooze feature. Pressing any of the buttons on the face of the clock turns off the alarm, but it also shuts off on its own after 30 seconds.

After six to 12 weeks the display on the clock starts to dim, indicating it is time to change the water. The clock gives the user about four minutes to change the water before clearing the settings. If changing the water does not restore it to proper function, it is time to clean the plates. Pour water into the chambers and allow the clock to sit upside down to dissolve any buildup from the plates and rejuvenate it. Rinse and refill the chamber with fresh tap water.