How Do You Install an Underground Electrical Conduit?

To install an underground electrical conduit, check local building regulations, dig a trench, lay the conduit, and run UF cable through the conduit. Once the cable line is run, connect it to an electric panel at both ends, and then bury the conduit.

  1. Check the building code

    Before digging a trench and installing conduit, review your local building codes and regulations, and acquire any required permits.

  2. Dig a trench

    With a trench shovel, dig a narrow trench for the conduit, and dig it as deep as is required by the type of conduit, which can be anywhere from 6 to 24 inches. If you have to dig a long trench, rent a trenching machine to help make the job easier.

  3. Install the conduit

    Fit together sections of conduit along the length of the trench, and then join them with an adhesive that is suitable for the material of the conduit.

  4. Run the cable

    Once the conduit is in place, run UF cable, which is electrical cable suitable for underground use, through the conduit. Connect each end of the cable to an electrical panel. For this step, consider hiring a professional electrician to make the wire connections, which may also be required by local building code.

  5. Backfill the trench

    Fill the trench with dirt to bury the conduit and the cable.