How Do You Install an Integrated Dishwasher Door?

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Installing an integrated dishwasher door begins with switching off the wiring and plumbing. Attach the aesthetic panel of the dishwasher to the front by screwing it tightly into place. Test the door’s motion, and hook the door hose to the dishwasher. Install the Romex wire in the electrical box, and then install the integrated dishwasher to the underside of the countertop.

  1. Attach the aesthetic panel

    Switch off the plumbing and wiring of the integrated dishwasher by following the installation guidelines. Hook the aesthetic panel of the dishwasher, and fix it on the front. The panel must match the wood grain of the kitchen cabinetry. Secure the panel by screwing it tightly on the front of the dishwasher body.

  2. Test the motion of the dishwasher’s door

    Open the dishwasher’s door to test its motion. Aesthetic panels come in different weights that can affect the motion of the door. It is necessary to adjust the doors according to the impact of the panel’s weight. Hook the drain to the dishwasher drain hose according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  3. Install the dishwasher

    Connect he dishwasher wires in the electrical box using wire nuts. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the Romex wire. Slide the integrated dishwasher in place, and screw it to the countertop. Make sure that the screws do not affect the aesthetic panel and the efficient opening of the door.