What Are the Ingredients in TomCat Rat Poison?

Two ingredients in TomCat Rat Killer are bromethalin and denatonium benzoate. The active ingredient, bromethalin, is highly toxic but is only 0.01 percent of the compound. Dentonium benzoate, one of the ingredients in the remaining 99.99 percent, is very bitter.

TomCat Rat Killer disposable traps contain a 4-ounce bromethalin bait. Bromethalin is a neurotoxic diphenylamine that causes respiratory arrest, edema, inadequate transmission of nerve impulses to the central nervous system and CNS collapse and seizure. Highly toxic to mammals, birds and fish, bromethalin poses a significant poisoning threat from even limited contact. TomCat’s bait traps are rated for use outdoors and are dog- and child-resistant.

Another ingredient, denatonium benzoate, is so bitter that most children and pets will not able to swallow it. In fact, it’s too bitter to ingest in concentrations of 30-100 parts per million. Accordingly, denatonium benzoate is used in toxic products such as antifreeze and detergents to encourage vomiting.

While the manufacturer doesn’t disclose the other ingredients, TomCat Rat Killer must be handled and stored carefully. Safety guidelines listed on the package include keeping the traps away from domesticated animals and children, wearing gloves when handling baits and carcasses, and washing hands with soap and water immediately.