What Are the Ingredients of Tic Tac?

The ingredients of Tic Tac are maltodextrin, gum arabic, sugar, rice starch, carnauba wax, magnesium stearate, natural and artificial flavors, carnauba wax and coloring agents. Tic Tac is a popular brand of small, hard mints manufactured by Ferraro, an Italian confectioner.

The sugar and maltodextrin ingredients of Tic Tac are mixed to form its distinctive pill shape. Adding to the bulk of Tic Tac mints is the ingredient magnesium stearate, a common filler in food products and it is also used by the food supplement industry to prevent pills from sticking to the factory machines.

Rice and gum arabic are what help the Tic Tac mints from falling apart. The shiny coat that covers individual Tic Tac mints is actually a glazing agent called carnauba wax, which is a naturally occurring wax extracted from Brazilian trees. The different Tic Tac flavors are usually identified by the color of the coat of the mint pills except for Tic Tac mints that are sold in Europe, which are white. The flavors of the European Tic Tac mints are identified by the color of the packaging.

Tic Tac mints were first produced in 1969. The mints were sold in its iconic transparent plastic boxes with a hinged cover that can be flipped open to dispense the pills. A Tic Tac mint pill weighs only .5 grams and as per FDA regulations, a serving that contains .5 grams of sugar can be labeled as a zero-sugar food product.