What Are the Ingredients in SilvaSorb Gel?

The ingredients in SilvaSorb gel are ionic silver in an amorphous hydrogel base, states WoundSource. Ionic silver, or silver sulfadiazine, is an antibiotic that helps stop the growth of bacteria in open wounds, according to MedicineNet.com

SilvaSorb gel works by releasing silver at a controlled level to provide antimicrobial protection over a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi. It is biocompatible with tissue cells and is indicated for use on surgical wounds, lacerations, abrasions, and first- and second-degree burns, according to WoundSource.

Silver sulfadiazine is classified as a sulfa antibiotic. It helps stop the growth of infection-causing bacteria, decreasing the risk of bacteria spreading to surrounding skin or to the blood where it can cause sepsis, reports MedicineNet.com. Sulfa drugs work at the molecular level by binding and inhibiting a specific enzyme called dihydropteroate synthase, according to NIH. They are the first class of antibiotics ever discovered, revolutionizing medicine when first used in the 1930s,

Hydrogel, or hydrated polymer, is composed of 90 percent water in a gel base, which helps regulate fluid exchange from the wound surface, states Nancy Morgan, registered nurse, of Wound Care Advisor. Hydrogel dressings provide moisture to cool the wound and reduce pain. Hydrogels do not adhere to wound surfaces, reducing discomfort when dressings are changed.