What Are the Ingredients in Shout Stain Remover?

Water is one of the main ingredients in Shout stain remover. It also contains ethoxylated alcohol and two surfactants: acusol and sokalan. Other cleaning agents in Shout include sodium borate and sodium hydroxide. Citric acid, fragrance and an enzyme called subtilisin are also listed as ingredients.

Acusol is a trademarked cleaning agent commonly used in laundry detergents, and it has properties that remove dirt by lifting it off of surfaces. Ethoxylated alcohol is also a dirt-loosening agent. Sodium borate, which is also known as borax, is a popular cleaning agent used in a wide range of products. Sodium borate increases the effectiveness of cleaning formulas, and it also optimizes pH content. Sodium hydroxide works with sodium borate, acting as an additional cleaning enhancer and pH adjuster.

Citric acid is another common ingredient found in household cleaners, and is derived from citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons. Subtilisin is a powerful enzyme, and its sole function is to break down stains, which is a main feature of Shout cleaner. Enzymes typically act fast after making contact with a surface. As of 2014, SC Johnson Company provides no information regarding Shout’s fragrance ingredients. Consumers can visit the SC Johnson website for more information about specific ingredients included in Shout stain remover products.