What Are the Ingredients in Peter Popoff’s Miracle Spring Water?

Peter Popoff’s Miracle Water is comprised of water obtained from a spring near Chernobyl, where there was a nuclear disaster in 1986, claims the minister. Those who drank from this spring were reportedly protected from the nuclear radiation effects.

The minister states that this water reduces debts or provides healing benefits for those who imbibe the water. To receive the water, one must fill out a prayer request form on Peter Popoff’s official ministry page or call the toll free number. The requester receives both a packet of the Miracle Spring Water accompanied by the miracle tool, which is a cross made of wood.

In addition, there are strict instructions for achieving the best results with the water by following explicit instructions from God, states Peter Popoff. The user must sleep with the water for one night, drink it immediately upon waking, and return the empty packet to the minister with a financial donation to the ministry. After which, the user should ultimately receive some good fortune. If not, the ministry follow-ups with the individual and sends more offers of prosperity charms, such as Dead Sea salt or a blessing bracelet, which can alternatively be used to produce good financial or health outcomes.

Popoff’s water sales are thought to be controversial in nature, and his ministry Popoff’s People United for Christ received and F rating from the Better Business Bureau, according to Christian Post Church and Ministry.