What Are the Ingredients in Hubba Bubba?

The ingredients in Hubba Bubba gum include sugar, gum base, corn syrup and flavoring. Other ingredients include coloring agents, chemicals to maintain freshness and artificial sweeteners.

The main ingredients in Wrigley’s Hubba Bubba are sugar, gum base and corn syrup. The gum base is what makes the bubble gum chewy. It is melted, and the sugar and corn syrup are added. Flavorings and coloring agents are then combined with the sweet, sticky batch of gum. Hubba Bubba comes in different flavors, including original, strawberry watermelon, Hawaiian Punch, sour apple and a mystery flavor, so the exact combination of flavor ingredients and colors depends on which flavor is being produced. Natural and artificial flavorings are used in the gum.

Gum needs certain chemicals to help it maintain its freshness, stability and taste. Citric acid is used, along with soy lecithin and BHT. BHT is specifically listed for its ability to keep the product fresh. Glycerol and aspartame are included in the ingredients list for Hubba Bubba as well. These chemicals account for less than two percent, by weight, of the ingredients in the gum. Powdered sugar can also added during the process that rolls the gum into thin sheets. A sugar substitute may be included in this step of processing.