What Are the Ingredients of Gain Detergent?

Gain Ultra high efficiency laundry detergent contains many ingredients, including sodium borate, dimethicone, ethanolamine, anionic surfactants, fragrance, alcohol ethoxylates, polyethyleneimine ethoxylates, liquitint green, benzenesulfionic acid, linear alkyl benzene sulfionate, alcohol ethoxylate, alcohol sulfate, pentetic acid, diethylene glycol, amylase, protease, enyzmes, sodium hydroxide, citric acid, denatured alcohol, propylene glycol and water, according to the Environmental Working Group. Many ingredients are graded by the EWG for various environmental concerns.

Overall, Gain’s Ultra high efficiency laundry detergent raises a high concern level regarding developmental and reproductive toxicity, and it raises a moderate concern level concerning asthma and respiratory issues. Some ingredients may cause skin irritation. Sodium borate causes endocrine and reproductive issues. Dimethicone does not biodegrade easily, and ethanolamine causes respiratory issues. Gain’s Island Fresh liquid detergent has the same issues as the high efficiency variety.

The Proctor & Gamble product safety website allows users to search for various products to view their exact ingredients. As of July 2014, there are 43 products with the Gain brand that have entire ingredient lists. Manufacturers of laundry detergent are not required to disclose the ingredients of their products. Not all substances in detergents have been tested and determined to be safe by the Environmental Protection Agency. Even so-called “fragrance-free” detergents sometimes contain fragrance and typically include petrochemicals.