What Ingredients Does Fabuloso Contain?

Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner is a mix of water, sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate, fragrance, C9-11 pareth-8, sodium laureth sulfate, preservative and dye. Varieties of Fabuloso include added baking soda, pine oil extract and bleach alternative.

All varieties of Fabuloso contain water for consistency, sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate as a cleaning agent, C9-11 pareth-8 and sodium laureth sulfate as cleaning and foaming agents, and a preservative to maintain product freshness. All varieties also contain an added fragrance and dye, but the exact types are not disclosed on the Fabuloso website. The three main varieties include “Lavender,” “Passion of Fruits” and “Ocean Paradise,” as of 2015.

Fabuloso is also manufactured with additional ingredients for a variety of applications. “Fabuloso with Baking Soda Citrus & Fruits” has added sodium bicarbonate, but is otherwise identical to the three main varieties. As of December 2015, the ingredient list for “Fabuloso with Pine Oil Extracts” on the website does not list pine oil as an ingredient. Similarly, the ingredient list for “Fabuloso with Bleach Alternative” does not list bleach alternative.

Fabuloso is also available in a spray as “Fabuloso Spray Lavender.” The ingredient list is identical to all other varieties, except it does not contain sodium bicarbonate. Unlike the other varieties, the company’s website does not warn against using the spray form of Fabuloso on fabrics that are not white or colorfast.