What Are the Ingredients in Chili’s Black Bean Burger?

Chili’s black bean burger is a substitute for a meat patty, and is primarily comprised of black beans. The patty combines the beans with onions, parsley, bell peppers and cilantro or parsley. The patty is not vegan, as it also uses egg as a binding agent. The black bean burger comes on a wheat roll and is topped with ranch dressing, iceburg lettuce and other toppings to order.

In addition to the primary ingredients, the black bean burger is further flavored with cayenne pepper, salt and breadcrumbs. The patty is cooked in vegetable oil, and can be prepared as any of the other signature burgers are and ordered in place of the beef patty. Additional toppings like cheese, guacamole, pickles and tomatoes are available, though the restaurant charges for some of these add-on’s.

The black bean patty is high in protein and much lower in fat than a traditional beef burger, and is therefore labeled a “guilt free” option on the menu. It is also lower in calories than many other menu items.

The burger is not vegan, and is also not strictly vegetarian. Chili’s alerts customers that because the kitchen also cooks meat, they cannot guarantee that the black bean burger does not come in contact with meat or meat products. Additionally, the burger is served with French fries, which are cooked in the same oil as meat items, and are not recommended as a vegetarian option. Diners may instead substitute a salad for the fries.