What Are the Ingredients in Bush’s Baked Beans?

The main ingredients in Bush’s Best Baked Beans include prepared white beans, water, brown sugar, salt and spices. The original Bush’s baked beans also lists bacon as an ingredient, while the vegetarian version doesn’t contain any meat products.

Bush’s adds flavor to its baked bean products with condiments such as mustard, onion powder and garlic powder. The mustard component contains ingredients such as mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, turmeric and paprika. Additionally, the baked beans contain modified corn starch, caramel color and natural flavor. Bush’s does not divulge the ingredients that make up the natural flavor component, claiming that it’s a secret recipe. However, Bush’s states that it doesn’t use any of the eight major allergens to create the natural flavor and invites consumers to contact the company if they require further information about the product.

Bush’s baked beans gluten free, dairy free and casein free. The company doesn’t add monosodium glutamate to its baked beans, and the vegetarian version is a kosher food. Bush’s offers reduced-sodium vegetarian baked beans in addition to the regular vegetarian baked beans. The company says its baked beans are a good source of protein and fiber and suggests that the product goes well with steak, chops, chicken and fish.