What Are the Ingredients in Bud Light?

Water, barley malt, rice, yeast and hops are the ingredients in Bud Light. Bud Light takes 30 days to brew.

The process of brewing delicious, consistent beer is difficult and takes finesse. Bud Light is a lager, and it takes an especially long time to brew.

The first step of brewing Bud Light involves milling the barley malt and rice. After these ingredients get ground up, they are weighed. Next, the barley malt and rice get mashed up and mixed with the water. The natural enzymes in the malt help break down the starches from the grains into fermentable sugars. Then, the grains are strained, and a sugary, amber liquid — called wort — is left behind.

Bud Light brewmasters then add hops — the seasoning that gives beers their unique flavors — to the boiling wort in brew kettles, which help distribute the heat evenly. When the wort cools down and is cleared up, they add the yeast. Then, during the next 6 days, the yeast ferments the wort to beer.

The beer matures over the next 21 days on Beechwood chips. After the beer matures, brewmasters remove the yeast and certain proteins in a process called “finishing.” This process helps the beer keep its lagered flavor. The beer is then filtered, and packaged into bottles or cans.

Every type of beer brewed uses slightly different ingredients and a slightly different process.