What Do Infinity Rings Symbolize?

Matheus Otero/CC-BY 2.0

An infinity ring is a ring that uses the infinity symbol in its design. Infinity rings symbolize a union so strong that no matter what comes between two lovers, the love will never cease to exist or break. The word “infinity” is derived from the Latin word “infinitas,” which means something that lasts forever or never ceases to exist. This explains why infinity rings are so popular among lovers.

Simple yet elegant, infinity rings have been used for ages as a representation of a meaningful relationship. There are various reasons why people give infinity rings. In general, those who give infinity rings give it to express their deep love for the recipient. Because of what it symbolizes, these rings are usually used as engagement rings, weddings bands or wedding anniversary bands. However, the giving or wearing of infinity rings in not limited to lovers. It can also be worn as a sign of commitment to love, regardless of the nature of relationship people have.

Depending on the meaning one wants to portray, there are several ways of wearing infinity rings, according to Infinity Ring. For instance, if the infinity ring is used as an anniversary ring, it can be used together with or instead of the wedding band.