What Is a Inferential Question?

An inferential question is a literal question in which the answers sought are indirectly provided by hints and clues from the text. They are questions whose answers require one to have carefully read the text and comprehend everything in the text. They expect one to have understood all the clues, hints and the subject matter of the text.

Inferential questions are very important type of questions in literary world, not only in sharpening one’s wit but also to help readers or students reason beyond and outside the prospect text. However, it does not mean that one has to make up his own answers when confronted with an inferential question but to be able to find out all the facts in a given text. It is obviously the norm that when inferential questions are asked for a given text or literal work, the examiner has supplied clear facts in the texts to assist in inferences.

Inferential questions originate from the root word “infer,” which is a verb meaning to make deductions or conclusions from given information using evidence and reasoning obtained from a given literary work. In answering an inferential question, one is required to use information from a given literary work for answers.