What Do Indian Men Wear?

According to Asian Info, many Indian men across all regions in India wear conventional Western clothing, such as shirts and trousers. However, most village men still wear traditional clothes like dhotis, lungis, kurtas and pyjamas. Men’s Indian clothing varies in styles, textures, colors and garments and is greatly influenced by different cultures and religions.

Lungi is a short item of clothing that is worn around the thighs like a sarong. Both men and women wear this traditional attire. Dhoti is comparable to lungi, but it is longer with additional material between the legs. Villagers wear pyjama-like trousers called lenga.

The traditional dress for Indian men is a dhoti, kurta and gandhi topi or pagri. A dhoti is 6 feet long, and it is an unstitched garment that looks like a pair of pants when worn. It is also typically worn in full length depending on the region. Men wear it with a kurta, which is a stitched upper garment that is longer than a shirt and has two slits on both sides. Traditional Indian clothing also consists of a head dress. Depending on the particular religion and culture, Indian men wear a Nehru topi, petah, pagri or turban.

The conventional daily clothing of Indian men, particularly in Northern India, includes shirts, jeans, suits and other Western outfits. The material, color and texture of traditional and conventional Indian clothing vary depending on cultural preferences, occasion and ethnicity.