What Are Independent Party Beliefs?

Beliefs espoused by the Independent American Party in the United States include religious foundation in Christianity, state sovereignty, a free enterprise economy and upholding laws and regulations set forth in the U.S. Constitution. The Independent American Party identifies its primary purpose as honoring the wishes and stated intents for the U.S. established by the Founding Fathers. The party advocates rights of citizens and individual states, and calls for a less expansive role of the federal government in the economy and aspects of citizens’ personal lives.

The Independent American Party contains members nationwide. It establishes a code of conduct, also called a platform, containing 10 central facets. The party, as did the Founding Fathers, recognizes the U.S. as a nation founded by Christians. Independent American Party members promote Christianity, and assert the U.S. should recognize peaceful religions. Additionally, the Independent American Party emphasizes family values which, party supporters say, provide moral and ethical support in family households. Collectively, these shared values shape a strong nation. Independent American Party members promote unalienable rights, identified as liberty, life and property, as identified in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. The Independent American Party calls for limited role of the federal government in daily lives of citizens, but enlists responsibility of upholding and honoring citizens’ rights with the government. The party values American sovereignty, supports natural resource protection and economic development, and advocates a defensive military strategy.