How Do You Increase the Size of Thighs?

Increasing the size of your thighs is a process that can take several months to complete. In order to increase the size of your thighs, you will need access to a safe area to work out in and gym equipment.

  1. Perform regular barbell back squats

    Grab a barbell and position it across your back with an overhand grip. Keep your feet apart and turned outwards. Squat down until your thighs are nearly parallel to the floor. Make sure you bend your knees and try to push your hips backward. Put focus on your heels as you extend and lift the weight back up.

  2. Incorporate lunges into your workouts

    Work on one leg at a time by performing regular lunges. Hold your feet together with your hands by your sides. Step forward and bend your knees, lowering your back knee almost completely to the floor. Push up and assume the original position. Repeat this motion while focusing on the opposite leg.

  3. Do leg extensions

    Find a leg extension machine and adjust it to a weight you are comfortable with. Push the weight forward in a smooth, evenly distributed motion. Do not jerk your legs around or try to explode forward with too much force. Don’t let the weight stack drop completely.

  4. Work on your leg presses

    Locate a leg press machine. Set it to a weight your body can handle. Sit at the machine and extend your legs forward fully against the platform. Slowly return your legs back to their original position and repeat this motion.

  5. Work the gluteal muscles with the bridge exercise

    Lie on the floor on your back with your knees bent. Your feet should be hip-width apart and flat. Tuck your hips, and raise your spine off of the floor. Create a diagonal line from your shoulder to your knees. Hold for a count of 10, then slowly lower your spine back to the floor.

  6. Work the inner thighs with the lying abduction

    Lie on the floor on your side. Bring your upper leg over your lower leg, resting your foot on the floor just above your lower knee. Keeping a bend in your upper leg, slowly raise your lower foot off of the floor. Hold for a count of four, then slowly lower your lower leg.