How Do You Increase Font Size When Printing?

To increase font size when printing, access the computer’s print settings and increase the scale of the page as anything higher than 100 percent will enlarge the font. Increasing the font is commonly needed for when printing an e-mail or a Web page.

The example below can be utilized for increasing font size of e-mails.

  1. Open the source of print
  2. Open the e-mail that is intended for print.

  3. Find “Print all”
  4. Click the “Print all” button, which should be located on the right side of the e-mail. When the print box appears, click “Cancel”.

  5. “Print preview”
  6. Click the “File” button and select “Print Preview” from the drop down menu. From here, find the “Scale” and click on the drop-down box next to it. Select a larger scale to increase the font size. Anything larger than 100 percent will increase it.

  7. Print
  8. Once an appropriate scale is selected, print the document.