Why Is It Important to Shower Daily?

Umberto Rotundo/CC-BY 2.0

Daily showering is important for promoting good hygiene. This is especially true for people regularly exposed to germs, particularly in public places such as subways, schools and buses. People who exercise regularly or sweat a lot should also shower daily.

Daily bathing of some sort is necessary to avoid odors, infections and germs. People who don’t take a full shower should still cleanse certain areas such as their faces, feet, underarms and genitals. Nonetheless, maintaining overall cleanliness and good personal hygiene is important for maintaining a sense of self-confidence.

Showering, especially with hot water or strong soap, disrupts the layer of lipids on the outer surface of the skin. Frequent hot showers lead to the skin being unable to repair itself by producing more oil, which can lead to dry, irritated skin. Many people only need to shower twice in three days, and some benefit from showering only every other day.

Showers do remove helpful bacteria as well. A thin layer of dead skin cells held together by lipids is actually the skin’s natural protection from the elements and from harmful bacteria. This layer also prevents chemicals from penetrating the skin. Experts generally recommend not using anti-bacterial or harsh soaps during a shower to preserve this layer.