Why Is It Important to Obey Traffic Laws?

Traffic laws are important to obey because they protect the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. These laws are often created as a result of studies and research that proves they will be effective.

Traffic laws, no matter how trivial they may seem, are proven methods that help increase the safety of people traveling on or near roads. Driving under the influence laws, seat belt laws and left passing lane laws help drivers have a more successful trip while protecting others on the road. Police and other agencies may create safe driving campaigns to increase public awareness of traffic laws.

Speed limit laws, which are the most common traffic laws in the United States, are in place to let drivers know how fast or how slow they should be going in a specific area. Police enforce these laws along with others to help protect drivers and passengers. Laws are always enforced by police for the sole purpose of protecting citizens of the area. These laws may be enforced by tickets, fines and even jail time for major violations such as driving under the influence. Police will generally have a set schedule for enforcing these laws, with more focus around heavy traffic times.