Why Is It Important to Obey the Law?


According to The Judicial Learning Center, law is a crucial system that allows human society to function in a manner that is as safe, fair and profitable for as many people as possible. Obeying the law is not only beneficial to society as a whole, but it allows individuals to reap the protections of living in an orderly environment.

The Judicial Learning Center explains that the rule of law is designed to bond members of a society together and serve as a protection for their collective and individual rights. Laws prevent leaders from exerting corrupt influence over their followers and ensure that neighbors deal with one another fairly. Without the rule of law, there would be no organized way to protect an individual’s right to his own property and possessions.

Fordham University traces law and order back to the Code of Hammurabi, an ancient Babylonian codex that connected certain basic laws to a mandate from the gods. Since that time, the perception of law has evolved into one of a basic human right that offers protection and dignity to the members of any group governed by it. When individuals fail to obey the law, they are removed from society until they can pay the debt accrued by violating its basic standards.