Why Is It Important to Be an Informed Citizen?

Pedro Ribeiro Simões/CC-BY 2.0

Informed citizens are necessary for a democracy to function properly. When average citizens stay informed, they reinforce democracy and help to keep the government in check to ensure the freedom of its people. Staying informed keeps people abreast of their rights and responsibilities as citizens and enables them to act appropriately based on their knowledge.

Citizens must sift through a lot of information from the government, media and civic groups. It is the responsibility of each individual citizen to determine what information is relevant and accurate. Media and civic groups sometimes attempt to sway the public and manipulate mass opinion in a particular direction. Citizens should educate themselves regarding the source of the information they receive and make decisions accordingly. According to the Huffington Post, mainstream media sometimes fall short in keeping citizens aware, but there are other reliable information resources available.

Blogs play an important role in keeping the general public informed in 2014. Reputable blogs provide broad looks at current issues and connect readers to direct links to send letters to congressmen or public interest groups. They draw attention to the issues at hand and alert people who might otherwise be unaware of new policies, laws or changes in government.