What Are the Important Contributions of Science and Technology to Society?

The Internet and fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and petroleum, are two important contributions of science and technology to society. Fossil fuels have provided electricity and have been the backbone of transportation. Drivers can buy gas to fuel their vehicles at relatively low costs and it is readily available.

A few of the contributions that science and technology have made to everyday modern life are as follows.

The automobile has proven to be a practical solution to the problem of getting from place to place by providing a convenient, flexible means of transportation. It has enabled people to travel away from major cities towards previously hard to reach and underpopulated rural areas. This invention is arguably one of the most important of the 20th century.

The Internet has been compared to the Gutenberg printing press in relation to its influence on society. In fact, the Internet’s contribution has been so profound that if it were its own sector, its contribution to the total global gross domestic product would be greater than that of the mining, energy and agriculture industries.

The moving picture, as movies and films were called in the beginning, has brought immeasurable amusement to countless lives across the world since its invention in the 1800s. Thomas Edison had a hand in the early development of moving pictures. The United States media and entertainment industry alone, which represents a third of the total global media and entertainment market, was projected to reach about $546 billion in 2014.