Who Are Important Characters in “The Boy Who Saved Baseball”?

Tom Gallagher, a 12-year-old baseball player for the Dillontown Wildcats, is the main character in “The Boy Who Saved Baseball.” Other important characters include Dante Del Gato, Cruz de la Cruz, Hollis B and Doc Altenheimer.

Tom Gallagher begins the book without much confidence in himself but starts to believe in himself with the help of Cruz de la Cruz. Tom’s final hit wins the game for the Wildcats and saves their stadium. Dante Del Gato is a former San Diego Padres player who left the team before the first game of the 1984 World Series. It is revealed that he believed he learned the secret to batting perfectly. He is unpleasant for most of the book but opens up to Tom at the end.

Cruz de la Cruz is the new player on the Wildcats, and he is named as the boy who saved baseball in Dillontown by helping Tom gain confidence. He leaves the night before the big game. Doc Altenheimer is a rancher who owns the stadium where the Wildcats play. He is considering selling the property to developers unless the Wildcats can beat the Lake View Vikings. He sees the big game as a way for God to decide what happens in Dillontown. Tom inherits Doc Altenheimer’s estate after the Wildcats win.