Why Is It Important to Bathe Every Day?

Bathing daily provides physical and psychological benefits; it controls the spread of infection and bacteria and improves self image and confidence as well. Societies, groups and cultures place different levels of importance on bathing. In some places, like the United States and other developed nations, citizens generally bathe on a daily basis to appear fresh and reduce unpleasant body odors.

Bathing takes two primary forms: showering and taking a tub bath. According to experts, people derive different benefits from cleansing via a shower stall or tub bath. Filling up a tub with water allows for a relaxing experience and often takes longer than a traditional shower. People taking tub baths fill tubs with soap and hot water. They let skin impurities wash away by soaking and then scrubbing the skin. While many people find baths more relaxing, showers clean the skin thoroughly in a shorter period of time.

When bathing or showering, people use a variety of products based on personal needs and preferences. Products with neutral pH balances cleanse the skin without drying it out. Following cleansing, individuals thoroughly dry their skin to prevent bacterial accumulation, and they then add a protective moisturizer to prevent the skin from drying out. Although bathing produces daily health benefits, washing the skin excessively removes essential oils, which in turn lead to dry, flaky skin. Experts recommend showering just once each day for maximal benefits.