What Is the Importance of Taking a Shower Everyday?

Taking a shower or bathing regularly is an important part of cleanliness in many civilized cultures. People often start to smell bad after they do not shower for a day or more. It is important for a person to take a shower everyday to maintain good personal hygiene habits.

According to Elaine Larson, a professor at Columbia University, civilians who come in contact with strangers regularly, gym goers or those that ride public transportation should wash up every day to protect themselves against germs. In addition, taking a shower daily helps to protect against infectious diseases that can remain on the skin and penetrate the body. People can transport unpleasant smells to soft surfaces and in the atmosphere at work, home or in public if they do not take showers. If a person is more active physically, it is imperative to shower well to wash away layers of dust, grime and sweat.

Strong personal hygiene reflects high self-regard, and a person is more likely to repel others socially by refusing to get clean daily. People who refuse to shower everyday are seen as renegades against the basic concept of cleanliness, and they are often perceived negatively by others. However, individuals with extremely sensitive skin conditions may experience more flare-ups if they bathe daily.