What Is the Importance of Studying Personality?

Studying personality is important because it brings a person’s psychological qualities to light. A person’s feelings, motivations, thoughts and how the person deals with the world around him are influenced by his personality.

The Big Five, which is a five factor model, provides insight into everyday personality and how an individual relates to the workplace. These factors are agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism or emotional stability, openness to experience and introversion or extroversion.

Agreeableness refers to the friendliness level shown by a person when communicating with others. Highly conscientious people are hardworking and responsible for their work. Highly neurotic people often display negative emotions and are unstable compared to less neurotic ones, who can handle stress better. Those who are open to experiences tend to be flexible and are eager to learn new things compared to those who are less able to adjust. Introverts, who tend to reflect a lot, prefer to work in a small group or on their own. Those who prefer to socialize and work in a large group are extroverts.